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 The 10 Muses

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PostSubject: The 10 Muses   7/24/2013, 4:23 am

The Muses and What They Inspired

In Greek mythology there were 9 goddesses, daughters of Zeus they each had specialties that brought inspiration to many great poets, musicians, artists, and more.
These were goddesses of entertainment, these were the Muses.
Here's a simple introduction to the 9 Muses.

Here name translates into ''beautiful of voice'', she inspired eloquence and epic poetry.

Meaning ''amorous'', Erate inspired love poetry, lyrics, and wedding songs.

As she inspired history, her names means ''glorious''.

This goddess's name implies ''charming''. Euterpe inspired music, and lyrical poetry.

Melpomene alludes to ''the chanting one'', and she inspired tragedy.

Translated her name is ''the singer of many hymns'', and of course she inspired sacred music.

Or ''delighted with dance'', she inspired choral song, and dance.

Also known as ''the blossoming one'', she inspired comedy, and pastoral poetry.

As ''the celestial one'', inspired astronomy.

In the past, a 10th Muse would be mentioned as a woman of great poetry.
For instance Plato referred to Sappho as the Tenth Muse, because her poetry had a wondrous effect making Sappho a very well known woman poet in history.

Recently a friend made a good point to me that today a muse will often describe a woman of inspiration commonly that in art; a lover, a friend, or an idol.
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The 10 Muses
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