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 Hi... again.

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PostSubject: Hi... again.   6/6/2013, 5:01 am

Well i finally came online enough to register to the correct website.

Since the last introduction I've been training in mind manipulation.Specifically memories and erasing them.So far the only side effect in some cases they start to forget other bits of information unrelated to the subject erased.Also I've been working on how to return to the realm which avoids any physical matter.It locked me out since i began training again with my teacher the demon, who came back from something with his higher being.He says its because i still have bits of emotion and human qualities.So far the only emotions i could be feeling is the attraction and confusion.So be prepared for weird conversations with me.

The website i own is 'Entity's Kinetic" my right hand man I'm still deciding on killmath,himansh,or jayrs, two of which I haven't seen in years. One being a eager student ,which jayrs and I agreed he had the most opportunity. The next update will be in august .Videos will be a problem,since my video recorder also got damaged.Photos maybe will be imputed.

Right now im more interested in improving my reputation with the deities of other realms.Also the two websites i will never open until 10 trusted individuals say their good are :mtk and psiw.(mtk's sub domain)the reason is clear if you sense the energy within the websites

Thanks for having me back
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PostSubject: Re: Hi... again.   6/7/2013, 2:38 pm

Glad to have you back. Thanks for registering. I have added you to the GC and GT areas, you should see the entire forums now.
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Hi... again.
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